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About GreenSpotter

GreenSpotter is a community mapping site to help you find green and eco-friendly businesses and resources in their area.

We have no definitive criteria about what makes something "green" except that it is more eco-friendly, health-aware, sustainable, or socially-conscious than similar businesses out there. We aim to help promote businesses that take these progressive stances — especially smaller and local businesses. We're not interested in listing big-box chains or businesses that "greenwash" just to attract a demographic.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch:

And if you like GreenSpotter, make sure to check out iLoveFreeWifi, a wifi-hotspot-finding site built using the same community-mapping engine.


About Josh

Josh Knowles is currently a graduate student at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Before ITP, Josh worked as a software developer and ran Frescher-Southern, a live electronic music and video events organization in Austin, Texas. He is also a former director of the Austin Museum of Digital Art and has a Plan II Honors (literature, philosophy, creative writing) undergraduate degree from the University of Texas.

Josh also performs live electronic music as "DXM" and "The Clearing Stages."

Find Josh online at his personal site Auscillate or his portfolio site